Saturday, November 28, 2015
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No hot water

If water is coming out of the hot water tap but its just not hot, then it could be one of the following faults;


 Municipal ripple relay is off

  • This can be confirmed by checking if the switch is in the off position on the relay box
  • This switch should be in a box on an outside wall or at the actual electricity box in your house
  • You will have to call the no hot water faults line for eskom
  • We are not permitted to work on the municipal relay switch


 Electrical wires are melted / not making contact properly

  • We will need to re-wire the electrics on the geyser


 Geyser isolator is faulty

  • This switch is normally next to the geyser
  • We will need to replace isolator switch


 Thermostat is not working

  • The electrical current needed to heat up the element is
    not going through the thermostat

  • We must change the thermostat



  Element burnt out

  • The most expensive repair to a geyser

  • We will have to replace the element

  • This will involve switching off water
  • Drain geyser of all the water

  • Install new element

  • Fill up with water & check for any leaks

On very rare occasions there could be other reasons why there is no hot water or the water is very lukewarm

  A leak in the hot water pipe

  • Normally its underground and the water leaks so much that the cold water does not have enough time to heat up in the geyser

  • This then leads to no hot water or at least lukewarm water coming out at the tap
  • You might be able to hear a water-running sound or at least feel the hot water pipe outlet from the geyser is not hot at all

  • If no leak is visible then we would suggest leak detection

If there is no water coming out of the tap then the following could be the fault


  The shut off valve to geyser is off

Shutt Off Valve Closed
  • No water coming into the geyser and therefore no water
    coming out

  • Switch valve on
 Shutt Off Valve Open


  The pressure control valve is blocked/clogged

  • This will only affect the hot water pressure if the valve
    is installed right before the inlet to the geyser

  • The pressure control valve has a removable filter that
    we need to clean



  The tap washer / cartridge is stuck / not working

Tap Washer
  • This will only affect the one tap and the other taps
    in the house should still be fine

  • Change tap washer or cartridge

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