Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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Geysers come in various sizes. The more common are 50/100/150 and 200 litres with the majority being 150litre.on this page there are pictures of the various geysers and the spares all from our associated partners. Look up our price lists and phone holleys plumbing to get the job done



  • GEYSER BURSTS- the outside cylinder that you see is oozing water out of the places where there are pipes connected, out of the rivets that hold the geyser outer cylinder together or lastly through the cover that is over the electrical components. You are welcome to phone us and we will talk you through it or send out a team to check it for you. SEE OUR PRICE LIST FOR GEYSER REPLACEMENTS.
  • HOT WATER OVERFLOW-hot water comes squirting out your overflow pipe which hopefully is led to the outside of your roof space- YES some idiots forget to put in an overflow pipe altogether and the hot water ends up on your ceilings and carpets- we promise we will do it right 1st time. This means  your thermostat and temperature/pressure valve [TP valve] will need to be changed. The pipe that leads to the outside of your roof space must be steel or copper of at least 22mm diameter and installed in such a position that if it were to open up the hot water will not hurt anyone or harm any property. ESTIMATED COST-R 850.00
  • VACUUM BREAKER LEAKS- see a picture of what a vacuum breaker looks like. Its that thing that looks like a cap on the end of the hot and cold water pipes leading to and from the geyser. If it leaks then it must be replaced  ESTIMATED COST –R380.00
  • PRESSURE CONTROL VALVE LEAKS EXCESSIVELY- the PCV is the big valve that is normally situated at the main water inlet to your house or at the inlet to the geyser itself. See pictures of the more common PCVs. Its job is to reduce the municipal water pressure to a pressure that can be handled by your geyser. Normally 400kpa/4bars or 600kpa/6bars. During its normal operation it WILL leak slightly as this is its normal functioning and to estimate the right amount of overflow, it should be roughly 2% of the hot water consumed at the premises.I.E every 100litres of hot water used should equate to about 2 litres of overflow.

    Mono Pressure Control Valve Mono Pressure Control Valve
    Cobra Pressure Control Valve


  • NO HOT WATER!!!!!- by far the most common fault. And the most complicated to solve. No hot water could be the result of one of the following problems;
  • MUNICIPAL RIPPLE RELAY IS OFF This can be seen by locating where it is on your property and looking to see if the switch is at the ON or OFF position.we as plumbers are not allowed to work on the ripple relay and eskom need to be contacted and thet will send out a team to repair ripple relay. ESTIMATED COST  R300.00
  • GEYSER ISOLATOR IS FAULTY- we need to change isolator. That’s the switch next to the geyser. See picture of geyser switch.
  • WIRES MELTED OFF ELEMENT- on some geysers this is more common than others. It may cause your electricity to trip. Wires will have to be replaced. ESTIMATED COST R450.00 ex vat
  • THERMOSTAT NOT WORKING- most common fault we come across. Thermostat will need to be changed. ESTIMATED COST R500.00ex vat
  • ELEMENT BURNT OUT- this is the biggest maintenance job on a geyser. The element needs to be replaced.It involves draining the whole geyser without letting the water leak all over the ceiling or through the leaking drip tray!!!. It also depends where the geyser was installed and how easy it is to get to all the different parts we need to get to.ESTIMATED COST R900.00ex vat

Single Elements

Element within Geyser

Kwikhot Thermostat Ripple Relay Box
TP Valve


A lot of factors need to be considered for us to work out a fair price. The following can be a rough guide for installing a 150litre kwikot  prices include vat
table format to come here. 1 column for description 1column for prices.

150 litre                       
200 litre
geyser in single storey building roof under tiles
geyser mounted on wall, less than 2metres above ground R5300.00 N/A
geyser on ground level in specially built room R5000.00 R6600.00
geyser in double storey dwelling roof under tiles with a trap door           
big enough to fit a geyser through
R5700.00 R7200.00
geyser mounted on wall, more than 2metres above ground level R6000.00 N/A
PLUS scaffold hire/deliver and erection costs R800.00 R800.00


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